Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First Tiny House Purchase! And what a deal it was...

 $3 water crock - my first tiny house purchase

Yesterday I picked up this awesome water crock for $3 at the thrift store.  From everything I've seen online, it seems like these crocks usually go for about $40, so I'm super stoked at the deal.  I just finished disinfecting it and now, being the total nerd that I am, I have every intention of filling it with water from my own sink to simulate a tiny house situation.

I just need something to stand it on...

Also, let's not forget to celebrate the fact that I have made a very real and concrete step towards owning a tiny home.  I mean, it's like the tiniest step possible, but it just made the dream into so much more of a reality to me!

Intentions and Being Black

I have a few reasons for creating this blog, and I'd like to lay them out for you so that you dear reader:

a) Know what to expect from me
b) Know what I believe - because great things happen when people who believe in the same dream come together, and how will you know if we have the same dream if I don't share that dream with you?
c) Are understanding of the advertising, lol

So here we go:

  1. My greatest intention at this moment is to create an independent and sustainable future for myself, without slaving at an underpaying job that I don't care for
  2. I hope to achieve that goal through building a tiny house on a plot of land that I own (I don't necessarily own land yet...) with sustainable and free resources, like rain and/or well water, solar energy, etc.
  3. I hope to get rid of the underpaying job by generating income online, possibly via this blog
  4. You will quickly realize I put an African spin on everything, and this is no different.  In all my tiny house research, I have seen countless inspired, dedicated people building a better future for themselves, as well as for our planet with a tiny house.  But I have not seen ONE person of color building a tiny house.  Not one.  As far as the internet is concerned I seem to be the first.  And I'm only half black.  I refuse to accept that Africans and African-Americans (who I think can benefit tremendously from this movement) are not interested in building these homes.  So it is my final intention to inspire more people of African descent to come together and work towards an independent and sustainable future for our people.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

What is MicroSteading All About?

The microstead is about taking the principals of a long-ago natural lifestyle and fitting them into today’s world.  It’s about more than updating - it’s about sifting through the past to discover those traditions and ideas that really worked, but have been lost or pushed aside by the clutter of today.

The modern person is attacked by clutter at every side, however it is important to note that clutter is not unique to modern times.  Clutter is anything that has little to no value in one’s life.  Homesteaders had clutter too, some literal, like too much fabric piling up in the living room, and some figurative, like friends who had nothing to offer, but instead took from you.  

This site is about removing the unnecessary from the modern.  Just because you can have the convenience of buying bread, doesn't mean you can’t make it from scratch.  Conversely one shouldn't spend unnecessary hours making homemade bread for the old-time novelty of it.  This site is about finding the bread that is both natural and convenient (which means you might be able to order it online, or you might be able to make it at home in 20 minutes - whichever option leaves you with less clutter is the one that works!).

I will also attempt to include a bit of my own background in many posts with everything from easy West African recipes my father taught me (peanut stew and rice anyone?) to helpful hints from my Dutch grandmother (i.e. how to make the most tender and handy meat by canning it!).

So all in all, this blog is about building a better life for myself as an African, as an American, and as a free thinking, capable individual.  Hopefully I can inspire others with my journey.